I'm a confused chick right now...

I've been with this guy for about 5 months now and it's been very intense and passionate. Lots of sex and a mutual interest in each other. He's admitted to me that he really really likes me but I was a little surprised because he doesn't show this AT ALL.

He's really bad at texting so naturally I worry and overanalyze it convincing myself that he's sick of me. I don't smother him with texting though. Recently we got into a huge fight about how much I drink. Apparently he's angry because he's worried that I'm drinking too much. What makes me mad about this is he told me straight up that I can't have excessive drinking over him; I had to pick one or the other to be my top priority.

After we fought we had lots of sex and enjoyed the next morning eating and laughing... before he left I asked if we were done with this fight and he seemed fine with it. But ever since then he barely texts me or gives me the kind of attention he used to give me.

Did I f*** up?


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  • You didn't do anything wrong. It looks like you're just a friend with benefits for him, that's why he doesn't put any effort to turn this into an official relationship.


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  • I don't see where you would f*** up. Maybe he's just been busy. Try to catch up with him asap. And I hooe you would pick him over drinking :)

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