Why are girls hypocrites when it comes to dating?

Why are girls hypocrites when it comes to dating? seriously girls say one minute that they "DIG" guys with great personalities. You turn your back one second and then she's dating the drug dealer from the next corner...ya right they "Dig" his personality. It's like women evade you like the plague when they hear you are short on money. So can someone explain why women do that? It's very frustrating for a guy to try to make an honest living and then look around to look that most unneducated douche bag and the corners drug lord are getting all the girls. Is there any hope for the average guy? Striving for education and carrying his broke ass around.


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  • You don't know what kind of personality the drug dealer has though. I've met dope boys who have good personalities to match their money.

    Keep in mind, the guys who get money often attract certain type of women. If you're a get money chick who wants a guy who spends lots of money on you and likes to keep up appearances, you're gonna go for the guy with the money. I find it funny how guys will complain about money chasing women being superficial, as if they aren't being superficial when they focus on the glamorous chicks who are always in the salon getting their hair and nails done with the latest outfits. All of that costs money. Average guys who are struggling financially usually date girls who are doing the same, that is unless they're busy fantasizing about the glam looking girlfriend of a drug dealer...


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  • You must have a bad luck when it comes to meeting women. Not all women are like that, but just a few. You need to date more women. Eventually, you'll come into the right woman who'll really dig into great personalities.

  • You're meeting the wrong women. Not all will dodge you because you're broke. Hell, there are plentyof women who are struggling with cash themselves.

    Basically, you have to become better at reading people (not just women.) The more able you are to get a read on someone, the better you'll be at choosing who you want to keep in your life.

    So, how do you do that? Study people's behavioral patterns. What consistencies do you see in those who are genuine, and what do you notice in fake people?