I hate to date and every one I go on I hope it is the last

I just don't feel like I am strong enough for love. Every date I go on I am terrified as I've been on some horrible, awkward ones, yet... when I have a great date I just want him so bad to be the last one.

When it doesn't progress like I want... I feel heartbreak, disappointment. I want to cry. Hate thinking about doing it again.

I feel like I could be like this forever. I feel hopeless. I'm not that hot so I feel like its hard for me to meet guys in general... so when one likes me... I just want him to stay or be with me... make it last.


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  • There's nothing wrong with you.

    Most girls would like to commit to one guy for the rest of their lives, that's why moving on is usually a painful process they undertake.


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