I met this guy at a party 4 days ago... we kissed he hasn't texted me in a day

After we met we hung out the next night and after I left he sent me a text saying how he thought I was beautiful and incredible and he wanted to get to know me more - the next night he was all over me arm around me and everything... he kept trying to kiss me but I kept avoiding it like 2 hours into the party we kissed shortly and then an hour later kissed again shortly and then a quick kiss goodbye. He texted me all day yesterday up until midnight. He hasn't texted me at all today! Am I overreacting? Should I text him... I did end the conversation last night by saying good night! Talk to you tomorrow because he has been initiating conversation EVERYDAY. I really like him!


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  • It's just a day. It must be that he's just busy. Give him time for himself.

    And, he's really interested in you as well so everything's just fine.

  • Yeah, say something, there is mostly likely a woman of equal or greater value than you who is now in the picture and most likely taking initiative, so yes, be ready to compete

    • we don't go to the same school and he is a year older and he still hasn't texted me... I get the feeling that this was just a spring break thing... it's not a good idea for me to text him right? that would make me look bad if I ended the last conversation...?

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