What do you do to make yourself forget about someone.

I work with guy that I have fallen for hard, but I've always tried not to like him because of work. Co-workers dating is a big no no. I've been trying to get over him by dating other guys but it didn't work.. We always do things together, or we split on things. So I think that is why I ended up falling for him. And then recently I started to feel in pain all the time. I found out I have to have surgery soon. The pain has gotten worse at work, so I decided to go on short term disability.

I figured this was the best way I can get over him. My surgery is in three weeks, and then I have a four week recovery time. So I won't see him for seven weeks. I figure this is a blessing in disguise. If I don't see him, I won't think about him and I will get over him. I felt like this was kind of working, but then sometimes he texts me to ask me how I am feeling. Today we ended up texting for over an hour. It's been a week since I last saw him, but the texts aren't helping and I don't want to be rude and tell him not to text.

I was in a bad mood today because the pain was worse than usual, but then I saw his text and my whole day got better. I was still in pain but it felt good to know he is thinking of me.


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  • You really need to stop thinking about that guy.

    The quickest way to deal with it is to find a new guy whom you're attracted with. That way, you can move quickly from your ex with the added bonus of a new handsome guy just for you.

  • It's a really sh*tty situation, once your body oxytocin, it's really hard to fight that "love" feeling. Don't mean to be cynical, but it's like a crack addict needing more crack.

    • No I think it's the best way to describe it... normally for me it's easy because I just tell the guy how I feel. Either they like me back or I don't, and I move on easier with rejection. It's different this time though with a co-worker.

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