Women: dating profile advice please

Hey. I want some advice from women on making a dating profile.

First of all, I'm not going to pretend I'm someone I'm not or do something that's not me just to get more hits from women. I still wanna be 100% true about who I am in the profile, but I just want to present it in a way that women are interested.

Women, when you read a profile on a guy's profile, what do you look to know about his life. What should I address in my profile?


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  • This may sound weird but, Glance through some guys' profile in your age range, your city. Sometimes reading them shows you what Not to do and give you an idea of what to do differently- so that you don't read like many of the other guys on there.

    Other than that, Not pretending is a good idea. What I looked for was a sense of sincerity, a little originality (I really disliked over-used phrases), and Humor. Dating and getting to know someone should be a fun experience. I wanted to meet someone who was out of the ordinary. Someone who was unexpected. Someone Fun. But most importantly, Someone who was who they said they were.

    Be honest, Infuse a little creativity, and humor, Don't make it look like a drab job application or Typical profile and you'll do fine. If you want to interest women, keep it interesting.

    The other advice given is great

    • so basically I should express my honest opinions that not everybody shares or agrees with but some people strongly identify with. like my views on life and people and myself?

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    • : ) Exactly ( :

    • That's Perfect

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  • I have had some experience with online dating, and I am not an expert in profile-tailoring by any means, but I think these are good tips:


    - Be honest

    - Be positive

    - Try to sum up who you are while leaving some mystery (e.g. if you like to volunteer, say that instead of listing every place like a resume)

    - If you have a certain general philosophy or quote you like, that can be fun, e.g. something about being a chill guy and how you like to follow the quote "[insert quote here]" by [Insert person here].

    - List your interests/hobbies, social activities

    - If you have a pet and want to attract fellow animal lovers, do briefly mention your pet

    - Have a nice picture of you smiling (Headshot) and a full body pic

    DO NOT:

    - Rant about girls today (e.g. them having high expectations or whatever). One older guy was interested in me on a dating site, but he was ranting about how women wanted a white knight and how he wasn't going to be one. It was so unsettling and off-putting, and showed that he would probably treat any girl (who had any expectations of him being decent) like crap.

    - Rant about your ex (nobody wants a bitter person)

    - Complain/be negative

    - Brag about your sexual prowess-- that will make you look like a tool lol

    - Be only "separated."

    - Creep on girls and add them to "favorites" while not contacting them

    - List any mental disorders you may have. Yes, many of us suffer from some neurotic disorder and function just fine, but tell your date if you see things going somewhere, not the whole world on your profile.

    - Post pictures of you with exes, overly touchy-feely women, etc. A girl who sees a guy with a woman draped over him in his profile picture will think "player"

    - Post horribly edited pictures of you and an ex, where the ex is cut out but it's obvious you edited it to cut her out

    - Post creepy, dimly lit self-portraits. Well-lit pictures taken by someone else are best for a dating site IMO.

    Hope that helped!

  • Interests, likes, hobbies, music/sports/or neither, your views on life, well basically anything about you will do as long as its true. :)


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