Boys: If you went on a date with a girl and weren't 'feeling' it how would you respond to her texts after?

Hey boys!

Lets say you went on a first date with a girl (you asked her out) in your classes. If she sent you a text afterward telling you she had 'a good time the other night,' how would you respond if you weren't romantically interested in her and/or not wanting a second date?

**lets pretend this girl is in all your classes, hence you see her you obviously can't ignore the text...

Would you text her back and tell her you had a good time as well? and/or ask her about her day? to be polite?


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  • I'd want to send the messagte right away. It's only fair to her. But there's no need to make her feel bad.

    First ,I'd delay my response a day or so. Then, I'd be very brief in my reply, saying we should think about doing this again 'sometime.' 'Sometime' is a word that should tell her I'm not interested, but I'm being polite.

    If she didn't get the hint, I'd have to tell her that I[m not romantically interested in her, but that she's a 'Very nice and atttractive girl and maybe if I weren't so stressed with work, or school, (or any other plausible reason), I'd want to see you again.'

    And who knows, maybe in another time and place...?

    • Would you continue to ask her questions about her day at school/work? or her plans for the weekend if you wanted to be polite and friendly?

    • No, those questions would amount to leading her on...

  • Even if I didn't "feel" it, as long as she had a great time, that's good for me.

    I would reply that I had a great time as well.

    • Would you continue to ask her questions about her day at school? or her plans for the weekend if you 'didn't feel it' and wanted to be polite/friendly?

    • I would ask those questions if I'm still into her. If not, I would just say "I had a good time as well", then end of conversation.

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