Girls, what is your criteria for responding to online dating messages?

I think I'm a good enough looking guy. I get a lot of cues and looks when I'm in public but I can't seem to get any responses when I go on OKCupid or Match. I went to a Stir Event event (where the members meet up in person at a bar) and had lots of good conversations with the women from the sites. Is there something I'm missing? do you think a guy messaging you from a dating website is a sign of weakness or something? It shows they've seen my profile but they don't respond. I don't give a generic copy-paste message either, it's a joke related to the content in their profile. It gets me down...


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  • try a different approach, maybe start with a compliment (AN HONEST ONE) nothing too sexual. I usually just respond to the "hey beautiful, hows it going?" short.simple.sweet.


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