Why hasn't he texted me back?

This guy and I just started dating. He told me he liked me but isn't big on expressing his feelings which I'm not use to. We just started dating only days ago and he legit hasn't texted me in 3 days. We haven't had contact or anything which to me is weird. If you've just started dating someone wouldn't you at least text them at least once a day? I'm not trying to come off as clingy but I know he enjoys sex a lot and I'm making him wait to have sex (not too long but I just want to make sure I don't get hurt) Also, the last time we saw each other I told him I wanted commitment and said we were dating but he didn't even ask me on a date or anything. So what does that sound like to you? Is it weird for a guy to not text his girlfriend for 3 days at a time? Or at least respond to a text?

Let me clarify that he was the one that said we were dating and wanted commitment as well.


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  • He is nervous about the things you said to him about wanting to have sex later and commitment, because he is not sure if he is ready to do it that way. This resulted in him wanting him to go slow in the relationship by him thinking it real deep and carefully, thus, making him real cautious and not texting you. It could be the case that your more serious than him, OR he might not be that serious when it comes to the relationship and he knows about that for sure. Just be more vigilant and patient with him to find out more.

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