Why do you block people on messenger?

I was dating this guy (just a couple of dates) but, apparently, I said something he didn't like much or care to discuss and think he blocked me? I'm not sure of that, but kinda suspect it.

Why would you do that if that person isn't stalking you or something?


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  • Blocking someone might be their way of dealing with their immaturities. So leave that to them, and move on. You have better things to do with your time. :)

    • You're too right, of course. =)

      I'm not proud of things I said myself, but at this point still just want to shake him and make him spill out whatever it is that he's thinking...

      I was lost with both of our behavior s, was it selfishness, lack of honesty?, but think you nailed that: immaturity. Makes a lot of more sense now >___<

    • Some people aren't good at handling stuff like that, have skyhigh pride, and aren't that open minded also. So if he is one of them, it'll be him who'll crumble with all the hatred he's planning to keep. It'll eat him alive and make him stuck in the past as you go and move on with life. :D

    • Thanks for the BA, by the way. :)

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