Should we have broken it off or worked it out? Was this a fling or the real deal?

I met this guy online (his profile did say he was looking for a relationship). When we went on our first date we were both kinda awe struck and just obviously very pleased with what we saw. We never ran out of things to talk about and there was a LOT of chemistry. There was no awkward silence and the only time we didn't talk was when we were staring at each other with a goofy grin.

The problem is we started sleeping together too soon. I should also add that he is a baseball player and we started dating right before spring training so he was busy a lot. He seemed to really care about me was really worried when I was having car problems and even offered for me to bring it into his parent's auto repair shop.

One fight was about cuddling. He had to work out early in the morning and couldn't come over because it was late. I texted him sexy pictures and he would always drop everything and come over and he did. Then I got upset because he wouldn't cuddle with me and left right after.

Another issue was I have a dog. He didn't tell me he was allergic and asthmatic and that caused another argument and this was at the 2 month mark. But even when we fought he would tuck me in and kiss me goodbye before he left.

He also mentioned he couldn't stay over because his stuff wasn't there and he ate a lot of eggs in the morning. He slept over at my house soon after and I told him I bought eggs for breakfast NO STRINGS ATTACHED just a nice gesture and he flipped out and said "I don't like to be pushed."

I started getting upset because he was talking to me less (but now looking back he was very busy with spring training). I thought something was wrong and called to break it off. I told him I wanted 15 min of his time to meet with him and told him to "do with it what he wants" and he was distressed and told me "he was freaking out and that I better have a good reason because he had a very busy day." After that he didn't talk to me for a week.

The final straw was our online profiles. I got mad because of a picture he had added when we first started dating.(But I should add that he added it the day after I asked him to text me a picture of him from this goofy horrible sweater party @ Xmas time which he did) .It was just a handsome picture. I flipped out when I saw him on there and felt maybe he put that picture because he wasn't happy with what he had with me.

I then added a picture that I took especially for him...(I had sent him like 20 pictures in a strip tease & the 1st was tame and I added that to piss him off). I regret doing it and will say I was very sleep deprived and hadn't slept in days because my brother was in the hospital & overreacted. Everything was fine until I did that. I finally left him a voice mail like what's going on & he said "He saw something he didn't like & stopped pursuing me." Should I call & say I was wrong & miss him terribly or was this just a f*** buddy thing. I also deleted my profile & made a new one & he viewed it?


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  • i don't think it was the real deal.