Should I text her back?

I've been on two dates with this girl and today before I went to work I sent her a goodmorning text. Saying goodmorning hope you slept well last night. Its been 13 hrs and she hasn't text back should I text her back or wait for her to text.

Dates were good first date was just eating Mexican and getting to know each other. Second date we had a movie marathon at her place and I spent the night plus she layed her head on my shoulderway during one of the movies.


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  • It must mean that she just smiled to your text. Simply text/call her again. It doesn't mean that if she doesn't reply, she's not interested.


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  • Okay, despite what some guys say, getting a Good morning text puts a smile on my face. It lets me know that he is thinking about me, and I usually respond. That being said, I hate to say it, but she's not into you. Otherwise she would respond.


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  • you didn't tell how first two dates go...

    still, don't you dare send her another text. it's like a suicide. but on the other hand, you're almost dead anyway.

    why the f*** would you even send such an awful text? boring.

    if she doesn't text you back, forget about her.

    • again: wait for her. if she's interested you can be sure she'll contact you. otherwise move on. nothing there for you, because you don't ignore texts from someone you're interested in. it's simple as that.