I am falling for a guy,but I'm afraid he will choose HER over me?

There is this guy in my English class who sits by me. One day we ditched together with my other friend and it hit me that I like him. We started flirting around and I found out from my friends that he liked me too. Everything was going smooth, until his "best friend" (he says) saw us together and all of a sudden decides to tell him that she has feelings for him. Everyone that knows him knows that he has been crushing on her for a year, but she hops from boyfriend to boyfriend, and always goes back to him because he's "always going to be there". I went on a field trip with a club and he went, with her and they were flirting and kissing in the bus, I noticed that she kept looking at me every time she kissed him, kind of indicating me that he's hers. He avoided me for a couple of days, until he decided to call me, but I ignored his calls, I felt so humiliated and hurt. He called me again the day before spring break and left me a voice mail apologizing and saying how he was so confused and he did not know what to do. So I called him back and we talked, I was being nice about it, because I know what he is going through and we hung out the next day, and talked about it some more, he said that what he has with her is stupid and that I am a special girl, he said that he finally got the opportunity he'd wanted with her, but he did not want it now, because of me, and recently we have been talking a lot on the phone, deep conversations. But my friend said that he went to six flags with HER and they were flirting and messing around. I don't know what to do, I feel like a fool for letting him choose between a slut and me.

So this past week after all of this happened, he hasn't called be, and in class, he tires to avoid me.. I still see them walking together and I've seen them kiss a couple of times, but as I walk by, he stops and looks away, and all she does is stare.
My friends overheard him talking with his friend and he said that he is tired of her jealousy, and that he can't take it anymore. I don't know what he wants.. but he finally called me last night, so I called him back today&he said he needs to talk to me.


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  • wow, quite the story.

    I would say that for now, he will choose her. But if like you say she jumps from boyfriend to boyfriend, he will at some point get droped. If you really like him, feel free to wait. However, if you think you can live without him, I would advise that you move on. If he has been crushing on her for that long and people know, there was a lot longer before that.. trust me. He might be a really sweet guy, but he hasn't gotten his stuff figured out yet.


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  • He's nothing special. Wishy washy definitely. Can't make up his mind. Wants his cake and eat it too. Blah blah blah. He's an excuse maker. Beat around the bush.

    Ditch him and move on, girl. You don't need that kind of drama.

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