Why did he contact me after months?

I had a crush on him since freshman year and he became interested in me senior year and was my prom date. We ended up dating and he was really nice and I could tell he cared cause of the little things but then he started treating me like crap and then he became another person.( basically chose his friends over me, ignored me for days,wouldn't call, wouldn't answer,said mean things, and basically a complete d***) I could tell he cared but he would still treat me badly. I was the first girl he called his girlfriend. The first who met his parents. Called me his girlfriend to his friends. He never had a girlfriend before me so he wasn't experienced when it came to dating. And his family never gave him love so he didn't know how to receive or give. He was going threw a lot of stuff like college, work, and trying to get into the marine core. So I guess he didn't have time or patience for a girlfriend and I was a clingy girl back then:/ but that doesn't explain the way he treated me. After we broke up which wasn't really a break up. He blocked me from Facebook and his phone. So I moved to another state and finally got into the groove of dating. But then he texted me after months . Cause he found out his base was an hour away and I lived in the same state. But he sounds different before he would just text one worded answers and now he writes long message and says nice things. I asked him why would he text me after months ? And he said he heard I moved and wanted to see if it was true. But doesn't make sense why he would text me.? Then he said a couple days later his parents came to visit him and he told them I moved here and they got happy. And that they really like me? I just wanna know what you guys think he's plan is. My guy friends say they would never text there ex if they treated them horrible.


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  • It seems like he misses you so much.

    Being away from you for a very long time, it seems that he wants to be close to you again.

    After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    Though, if I were you, I would still insist in friendship if he's looking for something more.

    It's clear that his history of treating you harsh is still very unacceptable until now.


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