Girls would you date a guy like this?

just want some input. I am 25 years old kind of short 5'7 and about 180 pounds in decent shape and well educated. I wear thick glasses because I was born with cataracts. I can wear contacts but I don't see as well with them so I usually don't wear them.

either way I think I am a pretty good looking guy but certainly not perfect. I want to know if you ladies ever date guys like me. I usually do OK with ladies but recently its just been kind of bad. they take one look at me and are like instantly no. I am who I am but it gets kind of hard to deal with this sometimes so I just want a straight up answer if you will.

Plz don't tell me just to wait for the one person who is out there for me because that is bull and its frustrating to hear.


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  • I'd say yes if you improved your fashion sense.

    • what do you have in mind?

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    • Ah! thank you!

    • no problem thank you for all your advice

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  • I took a look at your profile pictures, and you're a good-looking guy, truly.

    I'm not going to tell you to wait for "the one," but don't pity yourself-- that is unattractive if you do it in real life. Go about your days pleasantly and without pressure.

    You cannot make someone like you, but there /are/ people who have already automatically taken a fancy (who may be somewhat vocal and confident about it, or may act "interested" because they are shy and lack self-confidence).

    • I appreciate your answer very much. I know its not an attractive thing to pitty yourself but I just wanted to be real about it and get a straight answer. so thank you again

    • It is fine to feel sorry for yourself at quiet times-- I think that it can even help periodically, since sometimes people need to have those thoughts to recognize their situation, and to accurately be able to fix it. Just stay good-natured and amiable!

      I wish you the best of luck!

  • I know a couple of people who would including my self and your right that waitfor the one nonsense is bull (if you waited you would never find) keep your head up you will find someone

    • thanks for your answer and yea exactly if you just waited you would never find anyone.

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  • You won't know why aren't interested. They may like a different type of guys, they may be shy, they may think you are too good looking or they may be having a bad day. You will find a good woman though if you keep looking.

    • do women actually not go for someone if they think there attractive? I mean it makes sense because there have been really attractive girls I didn't go for because I thought they were out of my league. guess I just never thought of it from that view. thanks man

    • I'm just trying to point out the mind reading and negative thinking you were doing :)