Guys: Dating advise.

Dear guys on GAG. I'd like to improve my approachability so that more guys ask me out on dates.

Appart from flirting and smiling are there things I should say or avoid saying?

What have women that you liked in the past done to entice you guys to ask them out.

Lookswise, I am slightlly above average. I have a pretty face and limbs with averaged sized boobs with a large torso (not fat broad shouldered).

I am emotionally stable and don't enjoy drama. All in all I'm a great catch but I'd like to be more accessible.

BTW: Getting naked immediately and telling them that I want to get laid that night is not an option. I want to attract with my personality as well and not rely 100% on my p**** availability if you catch my drift.


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  • Personality has nothing to do with attraction. Whatever you say it won't make men chase you. Being good looking, available and interested is what will make me chase you.

    I won't go into being good looking as I'm sure you have far more experience with make up and fashion than I have.

    Communicating your availability and interest can be done from a distance through eye contact or smiling at a guy you like the look of. It can also be done while in a conversation through reacting positively to things he says (laughing at his jokes especially), touching him (not sexually if that's not your thing but you can still make physical contact) and through directly showing interest (asking for his number or if he'd like to go on a date would do this).

    If your feeling brave you could always try approaching guys if you feel you aren't having enough approaching you.


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