He has texted or called me back, why not?

This guy I'm dating hasn't had any contact with me for over 4 days now. We just started dating a few days ago and prior to us becoming a thing he'd text me all day everyday while he was away in training for the military. Now he's back and says he's willing to commit but all weekend I haven't heard a thing from him. Today I kind of got fed up because he's given me the run around in the past and played a lot of games and I'm tired of getting hurt, so I texted him that I'm done and if he can't put forth serious effort to be with me then don't waste my time. He didn't even respond to that text either. WTF?! My friends say that perhaps I was his side chick because we hadn't gone on an actual date he just sort of asked me to be his girl cause he liked me... What does this sound like to you? Is is weird that he hadn't texted back all this time? What should I do cause I still like him and I'm afraid I overreacted?!


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  • Well first off I would never text anyone to break up with them. You should of done it in person. Secondly he just came back from training, he probably wants to see friends and family as well. However if you keep texting him constantly and he never texts back I'd trying calling him or sending an e-mail. I would call him and ask him to see you to talk things over IN PERSON and see what's up. If he still doesn't contact you after all of this then I'd assume your done. Remember, texting is convenient but very impersonal.

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