Should I keep trying with him or not?

So a guy I met and clicked instantly with is terrible at talking on any device other than in person. Recently he's become busy with work, his music and he's pretty caught in the fact that he wants to move back home as well. He doesn't message me on anything (text, Facebook, doesn't call me) nor does he reply to any messages I send so it's impossible for me to get to know him or arrange to meet up. He works with my friend ( that's how we met) and he barely speaks to her now as well, saying that he's busy all the time. Tbh it's frustrating. But when his friend's from home want to chat he's always ready to and seems to drop everything. Should I keep trying with him or stop? Is this a lost cause? He tells my friend he likes me, but he won't tell me and doesn't act like he likes me unless we see each other. When we're together we hold hands, cuddle, kiss, talk about loads of stuff.

What should I do?


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  • It seems that he wants you to feel his "love" physically, rather than through those technological devices. You should keep him. It's just friends who he wants to chat up readily.

    What he's doing is wonderful.

    Would you rather have a man who'll text/call you with lovey-dovey stuffs, and if in person, he even refuses to hold your hands, cuddle, kiss and talk about stuffs, or the other way around?

    • But the trouble is getting to know him/arranging to meet up with him. How do I do that if he never texts, calls or replies to my texts and calls? I don't even get a "sorry I'm busy" back. I like him, it's just frustrating.

    • Simply, arrange things if you're both leaving in person.

    • That's difficult when you hardly see each other :/

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