This girl is sending me some seriously mixed signals.

So me and this girl met on a dating site, she really opened up to me, and ultimately was the one driving the relationship between us. Things began to move really fast, and she showed an incredible amount of interest in me. We've been on several dates, haven't had sex yet (even though she drops subtle hints at it), we've slept in the same bed a few times cuddling/spooning. We're extremely affectionate with each other, and can converse for hours upon hours. She's always trying to help me, and I her. Sounds great right? I for real thought that this was the girl I'd been waiting for...

Well couple nights ago we're hanging out, drinking and smoking, spent pretty much two whole days together. I say I'm gonna get in bed, and she joins me about 30 min later after she's done with what she was doing... Well, combine the booze with the weed, and the fact I'm going through some really traumatic sh*t in my life right now, I really drifted into a dark place, and had tears in my eyes, I tried to hide it but I guess one of them hit her or something, she comforted me and cuddled with me, and was a total sweetheart about it, and we preceded to really open up to each other. When I finally kinda calmed down and got out of my dark place, I embraced her and had my hand on her chest, and I notice her heart rate is like wayyyy higher than average, the few times I have experienced this with girls it leads to them telling me they're in love with me... This one certainly acts this way too... Hell she already has said she loves me, even though we're not even a couple yet, we just act like one...

The morning after I leave, we kiss and part ways, I commented about our discussion we had in bed VIA text later on that day. She then tells me she only wants to be friends, and that we need to slow down or we're both going to get hurt, and that she's not ready for a relationship, she cares about me, etc etc...

What I don't get it, is that on the dating site we met on it clearly states she's looking for a boyfriend, she was also the one really driving the relationship between us, she pushes and pulls, and just seems extremely unsure of what she wants... I have been nothing but honest and open with her, and she has been with me too...

I think she's in love with me and trying to run from it... Or idfk... I know she's a damn devious and manipulative person, she even admitted it to me, she knows I am too...

Please somebody shed some light on this, my head is a wreck, and this is the girl I've been trying to meet for years.

When I say she was the one driving the relationship I mean she opened up to me first, gave me her number without me asking for it, invited me to sleep in the bed with her on our first date, she said she loves me etc... Then all of a sudden she just shuts me out.
She also dropped the whole 90 day without sex rule on me forgot to add that.
Forgot to add, she knows why I had tears in my eyes. Best friend is a vegetable, and a girl I broke up with that I really cared about killed herself over me. So... Yeah... It's not like it was some p**** thing to cry about.


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  • stop lying to yourself;

    "then tells me she only wants to be friends" - you know what this means. it's over. you can go home now.

    i mean WTF? crying like a baby in front of her laying in the bed together instead banging her like a little slut who deserves to be spanked? the whole thing is just mind-blowing.

    she was interested because you're visually attractive to her, but when she got the know you she saw you're not a man, you're a crybaby and women don't want a crybabies.

    you really f***ed things up. your pathetic crying journey is over. next time, buddy.

    golden rule #21390482033;

    you don't open up to a woman, everything is on need-to-know basis + you don't talk about stuff that doesn't raise her interest level

    no game whatsoever. get yourself together.

    • Bitch, I have game. I've probably f***ed more sluts than you, this wasn't about trying to hook up with her, you dumb f***. She knows about the kind of sh*t I'm going through in my life. Oh yeah probably forgot to mention she said she wanted to wait 90 days without having sex. It's a**holes like you that give good guys like me a bad name. Have fun dying alone, prick.

    • this guy is a complete a**hole. like seriously f*** you.

    • You know what's funny, this guy talks about game. Yet spends his whole life on here using poor grammar and bashing other people, trying to act like he's a stud. Looks like he's some loser who's accepted the fact he's just some unattractive wanna-be, and is taking it out on the rest of the world because of his own insecurities.