How do I prevent this guy from meeting my parents on the SECOND DATE?


So me and this guy that I am seeing are both 25. We recently went on a date and it went very well. He rang my doorbell when picking me up on the first date but nobody was at home so he never met my family. We are going out for our second date sometime this week and he will be picking me up from my house at a time when my parents, brother, and sister will be home for sure (the whole family!)...I am a bit nervous about him coming to the door simply because it is ONLY our second date...and I have horrible luck with guys so if the date 'fails' I don't want me family asking 'what happened' etc. I come from a very strict Asian family (he is white)

He is also my personal trainer, and my parents know that I often go to workout at the gym...but I have never mentioned him to them...

My plan was to go to the local mall and get him to pick me up from there (I am going on vacation next week so I was thinking of telling him that I have to grab some last minute stuff for my vacation...) is it bad if I did that?


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  • Find a neutral public meeting place that you can meet. Place that more than likely none of your family members will be present. Maybe like a nearby store or restaurant.

  • That's really a good idea. You should really let him pick you up away from your house, if you're still uncomfortable with the idea that he will meet your parents.


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