Me and this guy went on a second date, now he isn't talking to me.

me and this guy went a few days, the first one went really well, we got along had have a lovely time, he messaged me that night asking to met up again, on the same day I met his cousin. so we met up the next day, we was laughing and joking around, he couldn't stop touching me or trying to make me smile. on this day I met this brother and one of his friends, and he was talking about the future and meeting my dad. we then brought me home at the day of the day, we was saying goodbye, then he kissed me. he then said to message him and I said I will then I walked off... now he will not talk to me at all


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  • Maybe he had a family emergency, or something? I can't see why else he'd not talk to you.


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  • wtf, message HIM? He should be messaging you!

    Sometimes when a date felt good and he agreed with everything you said and you two were talking about fun stuff all the time, the guy may not have felt the same way. Guys mostly show you their real selves if they're taking things seriously, so you might have disagreed or thought he wasn't nice if he was telling you his true opinions and stuff.

    This guy isn't taking it seriously, so neither should you.. or you'll just get hurt. Leave this guy, he's not worth the effort you're putting into it.

    You're not clingy at all, and there's nothing wrong with you.. but for some reason this guy isn't taking your relationship/date seriously

    • I sent him a few messages

    • I know, and he didn't answer right. You just wanted him to respond so you'd feel more secure about where you stand with him, but he's leaving you in the dark about it.