What do you think about internet dating, when it is with someone outside your country?

Recently I started looking at internet dating. Most of the women I see on there doesn't seem interested in marriage, unless they have 4 or 5 kids, and are clearly looking for a guy to help support them financially. That doesn't exactly appeal to me.

I know I am not without my flaws, but I am not interested in a woman with that many kids. The women I meet without kids, don't want to have any kids in the future. I would like to actually start a family of my own. So them not wanting another kid is a deal breaker for me.

I kept finding sites for foreign women looking to get married, some of those women, with no children. Of the women that do have children, most have no more than one child. According to some of their profiles many of them are interested in having another child.

Is there any difference in internet dating, if one of the people just happen to be outside the United States? Or are they really just trying to escape their country? Any thoughts?

I keep finding conflicting information online.


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  • idk everyone is different (and some actually have the same "hidden" agenda as you explained) whether they're from the same country as you or from somewhere else. you're going to have to go on own your instincts with online dating. just be careful as everyone should be when meeting people online.


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  • In general .. don't look for some one that's not how it works

    You will just meet up with the right one. Don't worry bro you will be

    At the right place at the right time be patient

    • I don't meet ANY women, unless I go out of my way to look for them.

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    • I work weekends, and it is with all men. I don't know how to meet women during the middle of the week, while most of them are at work and have to get up early the next day. I love my job, but it makes it really hard to meet anybody.

    • You should as for a weekend off once In a while or work in something else that gives you more you time ;one

      Thing is for sure online search for a partner is not safe

      There are freaks out there and I don't mean it in a sexual

      Way . I mean it in the actual meaning of freak.

  • I feel that it's a waste of time

    • I don't understand what you mean. Is online dating with foreign women a waste of time? Or are you saying online dating in general is a waste of time?

  • Theres plenty of available women around you. I think trying to date someone in another country is a little extreme unless you are planning on flying there or she's planning on flying to where you are on a pretty regular basis.


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