Is this okay to ask her this question?

i've been seeing this girl for almost a month now, we're just friends, we hang out, watch movies, hold hands, she lets me kiss her, etc.

i could kiss her lips, but I don't want to just yet..


i tried to get a day where we can hang out, but she said she's busy; to that response; I asked her:

"at least tell me that you want to hang out with me again."

is that okay to ask that?


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  • you said you don't want to kiss her yet, maybe she doesn't know if you really like her. And well I really don't know the tone of your voice when you told her that but the way I hear it, it's not a question you asked, it's more like your sort of mad and demanding and a little possesive. A little needy. That's the way it sounds when I read it. But I don't think it's wrong to ask if she wants to see you again because you should know if someone wants to hang out or not. But then it was only one day. And when you said that she probably thought you think she just playing or something like that.

    • Well, today in class she was smokin! she called me twice, too, and I missed both calls so. I guess I was just worried was all.

      but back to my question. I'm still not going to kiss her yet.


      when would you want a guy to kiss YOU?

      and that's cool you mentioned that whole voice thing; I did text her this as we both know we're busy but.. I prefer the phone over text.

      much much better.

      i can't believe she's finally calling me now!!!

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