Guys: If a man I am casually dating whispered in my ear "I missed you" is it from the heart?

We casually see each other. We live in different cities. This last time had been a while between seeing each other. We talked for a while that night catching up. Then started to kiss. Once we got to the bedroom he whispered "I missed you" softly in my ear. What used to feel like just a hook up was much more emotional passionate this time for him. Guys do you think he is feeling more? For someone who hides their feelings to say he missed me


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  • Yes, it seems so. The fact that you're always seeing each other built up his feelings for you.

    It happens.


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  • I would say he meant it. By how you explained this situation I think that was sexy. I have had FWB and never whispered softly "I missed you". But to someone I love and or desire for more I do!

    That was a huge break through for him to say.

    depending on your reaction and your actions from here on out, I imagine him opening up more to you.


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  • There's nothing here to indicate he'd make it up or not mean it. I'd say he meant it :-)