Dating - how to end up on a date and is he interested?

I set up a social group and was phoning businesses to see if I could send in my posters. I spoke to this guy over the phone and had an amazing conversation. He said he was part of a law social group but his friend had also set up a social group, he said they were meeting the next night and I should come along and he gave me his mobile number. I met a him the social group and I really really really liked him. He bought me a drink, when I asked about buying him a drink he said that I could buy him one next time if he came to one of my events. I text that night to say thank you for the drink etc. If I text he answers me straight back. He is interested in joining my social group that I have set up and told me to let him know when the next event is. I have used my social group thing as an excuse to text him ad he always responds positively. I eve found a young walkers group (trying to recruit some of their members to my group!) He said he would actually be interested in joining that group. He said if I was going on a walk to let him know. I arranged it but didn't realize that is was his birthday. I asked if he wanted me to bring the event forwards but he said that the next few weeks were a bit hectic anyway. He said that he would come to the next event though. I then said it wouldn't be until late may but I may be going on a walk in may, he said he would check his diary. I added him as a friend on facebook ad he accepted. He sends texts straight back if I text him and is always very pleasant.

What I need to know is 1. Is he interested? 2. How on earth do I wangle getting on a date with him, do I wait for him to ask? 3. Do I just try and meet him as part of a group first and see how it goes? 4. If he was interested would he find a way of contacting me? I really really liked him, but want it to come from him because it all came from me with my ex and it was a nightmare. I spoke to this guy more in 10 minutes on the phone then my ex in 7 months. I really want to get it right and I really really did like him. I really need guy advice too!


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  • I think that he is interested.


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