I'm not good at reading signals. its probably nothing, right?

-if you had a girls number in whom you were interested in,wouldnt you try to "talk to her".

theres this guy in one of my classes (im in college). and it seemed like he was interested. I got the idea of making study groups and we exchanged numbers.

-we've texted back and forth a few messages, nothing filrty, just asking questions about the class. can I assume he is just not interested. he stopped replying to my questions. and there is absolutely no flirting.


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  • every guy is into any girl that is into them... if you texted him right now and said I want you body, I bet he would be at your house begging at your doorstep.. for a guy there's nothing like the feeling of a girl after you .. its amazing for us because its not normal... the girl who goes for the guy is a keeper! I bet right now he's waiting for you to text him to see if you are into him ... if you really want this guy... DONT TEXT ... call his ass, show him your a woman whos in charge.. if he doesn't sound interested on the phone.. its because he's gay, every one of my friends has the same point of view as me.. even if a girl was 4 feet tall 300 pounds and she was after us ... we would still give her a try :) my advice .. call him and have him over than pounce on him and see how he reacts ... that is every guys dream to have that situation


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  • You can say that he's just texting you for class purposes, solely.

    You can't really know if he likes you or not unless you spend time with him in person and gauge his body language.

    Is there intense eye contact?

    Does he glance at you from time to time?

    TOuches you a lot?

    Initiates conversation?

    Always tries to stay close to you?

    Smile when you're around?

  • Some guys are afraid of making a move on a woman that they like they do not want to mess it up or maybe this guy is going through some stuff and is preoccupied with something you need to go study with him or meet with him and take note on how he acts and if he smiles a lot at you and if so you might have to make a first move to break the ice if you like him.

  • Well who knows maybe he is worst at reading signals then you are or maybe he was hoping for a ice breaker while sending text or he is just gay. LOL no matter what if he was interested and that is the best he could do then maybe being gay might become a reality for him, never the less I would move on turn the page heck your in college there are thousands of guys that would love to have your number and don't act gay. go out to a cool night club by the college and meet some people, some guys might take a girls number and then think I do not have a chance with her and give up that might be another alternative with this guy if you want to see call him and make small talk ask him if he wants to meet for coffee and or hang out some time and see how he responds then you will know.

  • Why don't you try calling him


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