Guys, am I screwed? Would you find this way of apologizing cute...?

There's this guy that we went for a date once and we had been texting each others a lot even since before the 1st date. There was even moment that we talked about getting to know each other in perspectives of being lovers in future. Yesterday I got into a bad mood and we quarreled over something silly, and I ended up ignoring his chat on FB and logged off. When I woke up this morning, I felt guilty for what I've done to him, so I text him "My dear..." and he didn't replied. I texted another one after an hour, saying that I'm sorry for my behaviors last night, and I understood that if he's angry or sulking with me, but I just hope he could forgive me... He still didn't reply me. I don't want to be harassing him with text (he could've been busy working now) so I sent him an e-card to his FB in his personal inbox, the card says something like I'm sorry and he got a coupon for making up and lots of kisses from me and it's redeemable from the moment he will read the card. FYI the card is with cartoon animation showing a couple kissing each other. Do you think it will soften his heart? Do my actions seems desperate? I really regret for flipping out, and I really like this guy. Am I screwed?

Thanks for all the replies guys, he was online on FB the other day, and he talked to me, we chat to each other through webcam, and at first it was a bit awkward because of the tense, but we worked it out at the end... we're back into texting each other like normally again (more than 10 texts at one lol~) And I noticed something, if he was talking to me over the phone and if his friend is nearby, he will tell him that he's talking to a friend (a girl)
And then he will always call me "Baby? Baby? Do you hear me?" in a very loud voice, as if showing off to his friends (he did this few times already, his voice just changed from normal into shouting mode calling me baby?). Yesterday he even invited me to have a breakfast with him and his friend, and we could spend our time together afterward. I don't know guys, does he seems like he likes me?


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  • No, your gesture will be appreciated, and he shold be able to forgive this minor problem.

    You should expect some sort of equally touching reply frrom him...

    • Update: Glod, he invited you for breakfast...all is well! Your gesture worked, didn't it?

    • yeah! :D Apparently I learned that he got so grumpy these few days was because he had an important exam coming on next Sunday... So I just kind of forgive him, and guess I have to just wait until next week, and hopefully he'll be as cheerful as before again :)

    • Good Answer, no?

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  • if he is so bent out of shape to the point of cutting off communication due to an ignored FB chat then he is immature and not worth your time.

    Aside from that I think your apology is nice and more than adequate although maybe a bit of overkill. A simple I'm sorry should suffice as you really didn't do anything wrong other than ignore a chat.

    Perhaps he's busy. perhaps he's trying to exact some revenge, perhaps he's feeling hurt and pouting or whatever but honestly I wouldn't go much further in trying to apologize to him. You've gone above and beyond in trying to apologize. The ball is in his court

  • Not replying to his Facebook instant message is hardly something to apologize for. I think one email or Facebook message repy in the morning would have been plenty. Sending him three messages makes you seem desperate and less attractive, even if you're cute doing it.

    So definitely STOP.

    And take this missed opportunity to get a handle on your emotional reactions to men... because trust me... you're going to meet a lot of guys who do and say stupid things. That's just how we roll. Get used to it. :)

    ~ Robby

    • No I actually apologized for being unreasonably upset (I was kind of in a bitch mode) so I noticed that I was kind of unreasonable, so I apologized :)

  • I think you need to chill a bit. You should have left it at the second text message. If someone doesn't reply, you bugging them isn't going to make them contact you. And if it does, it's going to be an iritated response. Just relax and wait for him to respond back. It's cool if you don't talk today, and do you really want to talk to him if he's still feeling upset? Let him breath and text him again tomorrow.

  • He reached out to you first and you ignored him in char. He is feeling rejected now and is going through a checklist to make sure if it is worth his time to spend with you and move forward.

    If he is interested in you after apologizing he will contact you, there is really nothing more you can do but wait for him to respond. I am sure he is thinking of you and what he should do. Remember that men like to plan things out before they do anything.


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