Why am I having doubts?

So I went out last Sunday with a guy (we've been talking for a couple of months). Before I had my date I was having doubts,i told my friend I'm not sure I want to be with him. On the date and the rest of the day I forgot about that and I had fun ,he is an amazing guy. We'll probably go out again and I'm having doubts again! I don't know about what! He's handsome and we have subjects to talk about. My bff says I'm trying to find excuses because I've never had a boyfriend and that I'm afraid because I've never been in this situation (someone liking me)I was staring at his profile picture ,thinking :is he ugly? ,when the answer is clearly no. What's wrong with me?And I can't stop talking to him so suddenly because I told him I had fun. What should I do?Why am I thinking like that?I'm also talking to a guy I liked( I don't think I do anymore),we're close friends,even though we've known each other for 3 months,we also went out once,but he said when I asked him"why isn't he searching for a girfriend if he wants one?" he said "i don't want a relationship now" so it's not him,i understood that.I keep finding excuses because I'm afraid of this unknown situation?


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  • This situation is similar to ,"we like those who don't like us the same and take down those who love us"

    And it's very common situation...so be conscience about the situation about what is right for you...

    good luck ^_^


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  • It is easy to see that you like him from what you wrote. I think that you are afraid of getting hurt by this guy. Before I started dating my ex-boyfriend I made him do a trial week, we acted like we were dating but we weren't yet. I did that because I had trust issues from past boyfriend. Don't let your fear stop you from having fun with a guy you really like.

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