Was this 6'1" Italian hunk real or fake?

Okay well over the summer I met this guy online (on accident) it wasn't even a dating website. It was some question and answer site kinda like this, anyway we had been talking for like two months and he never gave me his number. Which really annoyed me. All we did was email all day everyday, he said he emailed me from his cell phone and his reasoning was because he refused to give it to me before we met because was afraid I wasn't serious and he wanted to win because he'd been holding out for so long and was "stubborn". His name didn't come up on google, and he didn't have a Facebook. Every time I brought up him being a fake he got extremely pissed, and whenever I asked for a pic it was always an old one, he could never send me a picture of him atm. This went on for SIX whole months. So I invested a lot of time in this guy, we talked everyday. I really fell hard for this guy :'(

He claimed to be 19 like me but I don't know.

What 19 year old male wouldn't do more than email a really cute 19 year old girl (if I do say so myself :P) for months if they weren't hiding something?

Especially with their raging hormones.

So what do ya think?

Oh yeah and he lived near me apparently and we could have met, so like?



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  • You've answered it yourself. Obviously this was either a fake profile, or he already had a girlfriend and wasn't going to ever do more than exchange e mail messages with you.

    For usr ehis name would have come up on Google from the question site, if he were a real person, or even a 'real'; identity. He made up this identity, apparently, only to talk to you!


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  • Try this! tell him not to email anymore if he won't give a current pic,number or showup himself

    (friendship is build on trust).I really think he is hiding something or he maybe older than 19

  • you already know your answer: you're being catfished

  • Why is it that the really cute girls never show pics?

    • I mean the SELF PROCLAIMED really cute girls.

  • lol

    • Because I don't want to put my pic up on this random site with creeps maybe? lol

      I'm not looking for attention.

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