How do you explain that you're JUST DATING?

This seems like a really simple, easy to answer question but it is not. I want to know how I can get the point across that I'm only dating someone. Does dating still exist? Call me old-fashioned but I remember dating someone before jumping into a relationship with them... I also remember that it was acceptable to go out on dates with more than just one person (casual dating). Of course you'd break off any arrangements with others if you decided that you wanted to seriously date someone. Does this still exist? It seems like these days, this step is completely obsolete. If there is a mutual interest people automatically assume you will start a committed/serious relationship. Am I missing something? It's almost frowned upon... These days if a woman tells a guy she's not looking for a relationship but she is open to dating, he thinks she is promiscuous. If a guy tells a girl he's open to dating, she assumes he's being a player. This really bothers me because I find guys I'm interested in and would like to get to know but it's a HUGE turn-off when they jump right into a relationship. Or I tell guys that I'm not pursing a relationship but I'm open to dating, guys think very negatively of it. It's like if they can't be in a relationship with me, there's no chance at all. I really think this type of ideal is ignorant. How do you know that you want to be in a relationship with someone if you don't get to know them? How do you get to know someone if you don't go out, hang-out form time to time, if you don't DATE them? This is an intricate process, that's fading...


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  • You should absolutely date as many guys as you can so you can get a idea for who like. If someone is being sensitive and jealous about it then he's probably doing you a favor by taking himself out of the picture.


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  • I'll tell you my opinion

    Your view of how should dating be like in my eyes is a big f***in' waste of bloody time

    "Casual" dating? Dating more than one person? For f***s sake - why? If I can't see myself together in the future with the current girl why should we bother anyway? To make heartbreaks? To lie to ourselves?

    If you want just sex - go get a hooker - she's way cheaper than an 'ordinary' girl you should wine & dine - keep it simple!

    • How do you determine whether or not you can see yourself in the future with someone you've just met?

    • What can I say? I'm a visionary! I.just.can! ..the point is - how can yo NOT know it when dating someone? it's for me - I see through people, I pick up their vibes really fast so I don't require extensive amounts of time to know whether or not I want that to continue

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  • The reason that dating doesn't really exist anymore is because people are quick to jump into the sack. Therefore, if you are dating multiple men, people assume that you are sleeping with all of them. This is wrong of course but it is better to date around than to put all of your eggs in one basket.