Psycho? or honest to a fault?

so this guy started flirting with me while I was in a relationship with another guy. it wasn't serious, but I'm still not sure that was a good sign. it's over now, so I'm not sure how to handle this new guy...

we mostly communicate through text messages, but I see him around school sometimes. I'm afraid I might be falling for him... he claims to be totally honest and he sure doesn't hold anything back, but I'm afraid he might just know the right things to say to make someone like me fall for him. he has even gone so far as to say "you could say that I love you". he even hinted at having had a sex dream about me. is that normal? we haven't known each other very long, and we haven't even technically started dating. I really like him, but is this one of those guys that "your mom warned you about"? or am I just paranoid?


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  • He seems to say the things girls would want to hear, concentrating on feelings and how to make people feel certain ways.

    It is possible that he is being honest. However, if he truly cared that much about feelings, he'd probably care equally much about other forms of expression (and that's how you'd lie-detector him). A guy who both cares a lot about feelings and is confidently honest, you'd probably expect him to be very into music. Not only that, and very importantly, he'd know the lyrics. He might also be into art (how it makes him feel) and even other expressive outlets such as plays and musicals. Dramas are TV shows he'd watch and you would notice in him a unique and probably vibrantly colored fashion sense.

    He smells of player so far but he *could* be lover instead. I just gave you a couple ways to see if what he says is consistent with who he is.


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  • ok. I think you need to be careful. this guy seems to know what to say and how to say it. in order to draw you closer and deeper into him. I guess... people . means normal guys/girls who like you ... don't really act this why. Best is ask some elderly person to guide you thru. Its seems you are already falling for me.look. your right in sayin "your mom warned you about". good. your on the right track. Now becareful not to fall. Just keep in at a safe distance. I hope you understand !

    it seems you do sense right thing. but not able to take desicion and fully confused . Just like me. I'll tell you what I do in such a situation. Its crazy But it really helps. why don't you share it with an elderly person. I am sure they will guide you thru.

    good Luck:)