Why is he afraid? GUYS HELP!

So this guy who goes to my college and I have been going out on dates, clubbing, dancing together..etc but we never mentioned we were dating. On my birthday, he wanted to see me and he was kinda tipsy, then when we danced he told me I'm the cutest girl ever. Then he said I'm the sweetest girl ever. Then he carried me while we were dancing and I was laughing so hard.

The next day I told him I need to talk to you and I told him that I don't know if we are friends or potently dating. I told him Because I like you and what I'm really interested to know is what you want out of this. He told me wow I'm a bit surprised but look at my face I'm smiling too.. that's a good sign. Then he said I think I like you too. But give me some time to let you know what I want out of this. He is gone for a week on a vacation and he hasn't responded yet.

Only yesterday he asked me by text, what does dating mean to me. I told him just being able to hang out and see how it goes from there.

Is he scared of me or what? Why is he taking for ever if he likes me!

I want to keep it non sexual and once I invited him for tea in my house and we never did anything. I want to take time to get to him first and see if he likes me and take it then to the next level if we are dating. I'm 22 and he is 23!
we haven't even kissed yet. But we danced grinding in the club and it was kinda intimate.. he is also so protective of me when we go out.


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  • Dont know how long youve been "hanging out: with this guy, but it sounds like its still a little too fast for him. I think your answer to his dating question was a great one. Have you slept with him? If yo have then maybe he's gotten what he's wanted. Otherwise Id say maybe he's playing hard to get?


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  • He's not scared of you. He's just taking his time deciding upon things because dating requires commitment and time.


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  • It sounds tbh like he only likes you in person doesn't want it to be official but thinks if he's flirty wen in your in his presence could potentially get sum? so likes to be physical possibly friends w. benefits but doesn't want to be tied to just you