UGGHH, men are from mars!

Ok, I met a great guy on an online dating sight. We messaged back and forth for 3 weeks, met on our first date for dinner, hit it off wonderfully, continued messaging one another, had a second fabulous date, made arrangements to go out 2 weeks down the road. He messaged me that he was wanting to take things slowly (his feelings were all too real and he didn't want anything serious, BUT, he didn't want to date anyone else either...didn't want our "relationship" to go too quickly)...LONG story short, I have not heard from him for a week. Supposed to be going out this Saturday, and I am all but so confused about him...he told me his weakness is communication (obviously), and this has ruined some of his past relationships. What's going on? Please advise me on this one! Should I put all games aside and text him confirming our plans for Saturday, or not?


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  • if you have already waited for a week or more

    I think you're safe to text him for confirmation

    you said his weakness is communication, so

    it's important, for a start, that you are patient with him ^.~

    • OK...will do that, any advise on how to help him along with the communication process? In the beginning emailing was a daily thing back & it wasn't hard for him then?

    • could be the "new and interesting" factor, you had a lot

      to talk about, now that you've talked it might be

      more difficult for him to initiate conversations due

      to lack of things to talk about..

      I'm not sure exactly how you can help him get

      better at communication, but if you can find

      interests you both share, it'd certainly be a start ^.~

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  • He's not playing games. He's genuinely taking it slow.

    Text him a lot , and try calling him.

  • Texting practically is games. Call him on the phone. Speak to him using the words coming out of your mouth.


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  • Text him, and if he makes a lame excuse for Saturday, drop him.

    • that's harsh, but I guess he

      already had it coming for

      not contacting her ^.~

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    • yes, no longer being in complete control, being able

      to do nothing but "hope" that another person shares

      your feelings, and then the fear of getting let down

      tends to make people insecure and keep their guard up ^.~

  • men online* are from mars.

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