Girl touches a guys face ?.

This girl I know the other day kept touching my face like about three or four times, like full hand a cross my cheek, hugging me around the neck about three or four times and kissing me on the cheek each time, she even hugged me then full on kissed me by surprise.

She seems to acting a bit desperate only does this with me, does she like me or is she desperate because about four weeks ago she broke up with her bf.

Because we have excellent chemistry and she even said to me we connect really well, but she was dating at the time so I know that she feels the chemistry as well.

Its just I am hesitant of doing anything with her because of her break up, I don't want to be the hook up she goes to every time she has a break up. I have more respect for myself and I am straight I just like to date girls the old fashioned way and know that they actually like me.


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  • It seems like she wants to convey her feelings to you fast, because she really does like you a lot and hates being alone.

  • "she was dating at the time so I know that she feels the chemistry as well."

    Well looks like she liked you before.

    • Yeah, I know she felt we had a connection but she was never going to cheat on her boyfriend she's a loyal in a relationship but he broke up with her out of the blue it kind of a shock to her.

      Thats why I thought she have wanted to come to me because she knows we have chemistry together, but I don't think her mind is right at the moment and like I said I don't want be the guy she goes everyitme their is a break up.

    • Tell her you want to wait a bit or something like that.