Should I ignore this guy's Facebook message or nicely respond back?

A guy from my high school always messages or texts girls and "creeps" on them. We have been out of high school for 4 years and he is still doing it. Yesterday he added me as a friend again (apparently, he deleted me before) and since we went to school, I decided to accept. At 7 am the next morning he texts me "hey, how are you?". He must've got my number from Facebook (didn't know it was on there till now). I didn't respond since I know he does this to girls all the time (even my younger sister). Later on, the next day, he messaged me on Facebook, "hey how are you?".

I am slightly in a dilemma however, because recently, I ran into another guy from my high school and we have been talking for a couple months. He is really really good friends with the guy who "creeps" on girls and he has asked me if he ever creeped on me. He told me he is his best friend but is a dumba** and that its weird why he does that to random girls but he thinks it's funny because it sometimes works for him.

I don't want to be mean and play a joke on him saying he had the wrong number (friends told me to do that one) because he might go back and tell his friend, the guy I like, that I'm a jerk. I can't be too nice because then he'll get the wrong idea and then tell his friend that too.

Should I respond and just be nice to his message? Or should I ignore it?


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  • If you want to establish a friendship with him, then you should send a nice message.

    He's your high school batch mate, and you should treasure them as a person, and not how he "creeps" girls out.


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  • You don't want to leave a bad impression, but make it clear that your not into whatever he is got going on. Firmness is the key. State what you want and leave no room for any kind of interpretation. Also if the dude really likes you and knows his friend is like that, it shouldn't be a problem. :)

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