What would you do if your best friend didn't want you dating someone and put your relationship on the line?

Long story short, my best "friend" said she has a problem with me dating this guy that I adore and really like because to HER, we don't seem compatible and I'm better than him [her words, not mine]. We both know him, I met him through her.

Before we started dating, we were friends for a few months. I told her I respect her opinion about us, but at the same time, my dating life is my personal choice and I have the right to date anyone I want.

Sorry for the bad language, but she's acting like a bitch imo. Am I being unreasonable?

I did ask her why exactly she has such a problem with it, and she gave me really lame reasons. Also, I know she doesn't like him because she told me and she made out with his brother :P

I am thinking about letting things go with her because I tried my best to talk to her and everything, but she's making a huge deal out of something that doesn't even involve her.


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  • You're not a bad person. It's often times our friends don't like the people we date. Whether it be because they're jealous of not having someone to date, or jealous or upset at the loss of closeness you shared with them before the boyfriend.

    That being said, don't be surprised if she's spot on with her criticism of your new guy. They say 'love is blind' for a reason.

    • She gave me 3 reasons and you tell me if they sound good enough for me to not date him:

      1. He isn't motivated: Apparently the fact that he works full time and is saving up money for college (he hasn't gone yet) means the boy isn't motivated. He has told specifically a number of times that he is planning on going, and he's asked me for help on loans and applications.

      2. He has a "dirty mind": Um okay? Honestly, what guy doesn't to some extent?

      3. He isn't religious

    • On the surface, none of those seem that bad. But I don't know him or you well enough to really make that call.

      I'm just saying that in the years of my dating experience...the girlfriends I had that my friends didn't like always ended in horrible relationships for me.

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