Are black and Latino guys more open to dating plus size girls than white guys?

Would you agree with this?

And yeah, I know Latinos can come in any race, but they are usually identified as a group.

Would you agree that more black and Latino guys are open to dating heavier girls than white guys, who generally prefer thin girls and are closed off to dating heavier girls?


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  • You know, I think you could take the approach that black and Latino guys' preferences naturally lean toward bigger because the women in those groups are bigger on average, but I also think part of it is social, too. White guys could potentially like big women just as much (again, speaking in averages), but we pretty much send them the message that they shouldn't, and the white media ideal is thinner.

    But I also think people are less open to crossing racial lines than they are to crossing "body type lines." I'm white and big, and every guy who's been interested in me and/or dated me has been white and skinny.

    This might sound like even more of a stretch, but the stereotype is that black and Latina women are more assertive and dominant than white women, and letting yourself literally take up more space coincides with that (rather than wanting to be smaller or wanting a smaller female partner).

    But this is just me yammering on.

    • its okay, yammer on. I yammer plenty :D

      I agree with you actually. I'm black and most attracted to non-black guys. I think my race added to my body might be too much for most white guys, for example. sucks to be me I guess. :/

      I think I'm going to have to figure out a way to change the kinds of guys I'm attracted to at some point. reality is a bitch. I'm glad you see this though. I was telling a friend who is white and plus size this and she's convinced its not an issue at all, all in my head lol

    • Haha, not to be prejudiced toward my own group, but white people really tend to not understand how race affects people's lives.

      Interracial dating is depressingly rare, but it does help if your neighborhood, school, peers, etc. are very diverse to begin with. If you're super determined, you could "put yourself out there" and do a lot of approaching to try to show these guys that IT'S OKAY :P

    • Yeah, it sucks. That's my life though. Blah.

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  • I think it's purely speculative. Every man is his own individual, with his own views of what he deems as attractive. I am certain that there are men in every race who prefer plus sized women. Perhaps it appears that it's more common in Black and Latino men because generally (not all) they tend to marry Black or Latina respectively.

    Black women and Latina tend to have a figure and sometimes just being built a certain way, as well as family genetics, dietary habits, the women from these cultures seem to be a little more predisposed to becoming plus sized. I'm not saying that women of any other race can't become plus sized because they can.

    Many men, tend to date within their own race by percentage so this quite often happens more by default as opposed to seeking out a plus sized woman. When they marry and have children, these women after giving birth, don't always lose back to their previous weight before pregnancy. Some may only lose some of the weight. Of course after multiple births and natural metabolism changes due to aging this can aid in a woman increasing her size. Don't get me wrong, this happens across every race as not every woman is able to maintain a smaller figure. Another thing to consider is diseases such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism to name a few can also contribute to a woman becoming plus sized even when they generally had an average figure.

    Personally, being Black myself, I have seen this happen with several cousins who are slim when they marry but over the years have "become" plus sized.

    In terms of whether or not Black and Latino men actually seek out plus sized women is based on their perceptions of what they find attractive. Personally, for me, I prefer women who are somewhat height weight proportionate, and like you, I also tend to be more attracted to non Black women and with being around them and their friends of their same race I have seen it can be a situation for any woman to be in and not because their mate specifically sought them out as plus sized women but because they became that way over time.

    • I think you may be talking about an older group. I can't say most of the couples I know like that are the result of the woman having been through multiple births, etc. but I hear you, I guess.

      yeah I think preferring people outside your race is a bit harder, especially more so for black women. I don't think black guys usually have problems with this, and I don't think I need to explain why lol my size is more the issue, imo. but I'm curious, have you had issues with "interracial" dating?

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    • Maybe perhaps you're just going through a bit of a dry spell right now. There are guys who do prefer plus sized women, so I really think that you need to exercise more self confidence and patience. As long as you give off good positive vibes, there will always be a good chance you can find someone.

    • Of course when I spoke of carrying yourself as a guy I was answering your question in regard to me, but I am pretty certain the same would apply to the female gender as well.

  • Open, perhaps...but not any more open than an average white guy. That is not what I prefer. I usually go after women who take care of their bodies, as I take care of mine

  • yes, I am white and all my friends are into skinny girls. I'm the only one that likes curvy/ thick chicks.

  • Probaly just a stereotype bu blacs guys are always the ones speaking about 'dat ass'. lol

  • More open? Maybe, but seems marginally so. There's a lot of overweight people out there and they're dating/marrying.

  • No, they are just more open to using them for sex.

    • really? I know several plus size girls dating, engaged, and married to black and Latino guys. They usually seem to be the ones who don't mind dating bigger girls. white guys seem to be the ones who are ashamed to be seen with them and will only sleep with them. just my observation though. although considering that I am mostly black and have a family filled with black men, I may have just a bit of insight into this lol

  • That depends. Are the "plus size" girls white?

    • lol I should probably have mentioned that. I was going to but didn't want to be "too controversial"

      In this case, one is white and very round and the other is black but seems mixed. What say you?

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    • ooookay...

    • lolLOL just as long as she's white.

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  • Yes

    white guys usually like the no hip/no ass look where as black and Latino guys seems to like extremes

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