The do's and dont's.. First date

Goin on a first date tonight and I just want to refresh myself with the do's and dont's. so what are the do's and dont's of a first date?


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  • I personally never have had rules on this since I always take things as they come :)

    however, I'd go a lot with what 'madhatters4' says


    1. The most important thing is to strike a chord.

    2. Ask questions and get to know each other but don't make it sound like an interview

    3. Check if you guys are bonding in any way without being intrusive

    4. Keep the conversation light and humorous (women like humorous guys)

    5. Keep your activity for that evening well planned (unplanned guys who fumble and ask the girl for 'what she wants to do' are a BIG put off though at later stages she may want to decide on everything lol)

    6. Keep yourself well groomed

    7. Look into her eyes when you talk (don't wind up looking at the table or your shoes)


    1. Don't try to over impress - chances are you may fall flat on your face

    2. Don't appear to be too knoweldgeable - be what you are

    3. Don't get over friendly and too physical in terms of touching

    4. Don't be too serious (unless that's your basic disposition and you can't help it BUT tell her that)

    5. Don't talk about past relationships

    6. Ensure to go dutch (unless she doesn't offer to pay)

    7. If you drink, don't drink too much - ensure you stick to one or two drinks

    8. Don't stare at another woman (most important lol)


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  • Do kiss her if she hints you to do so.

    Do pull out her chair and hold doors open for her.

    (If you want a more equal relationship, then skip this step)

    Do plan out in advance where you will be going.

    (Walking aimlessly around town is neither romantic, nor entertaining)

    Do try to build rapport as soon as possible.

    Do avoid having food on your face or teeth.

    Do have clean hands and fingernails.

    Do show up on time.

    Do offer to pay.

    Don't discuss sex, exes, politics, religion and gender.

    Don't pretend to be more intelligent or less intelligent than you are.

    Don't get really touchy-feely.

    Don't get drunk.

    Don't tell her what you don't like about her.

    Don't prolong the date if you really want to go home.

    Don't insist on her paying her half.

    (Hey, I don't like it either, but some women refuse to date guys who won't pay for them)


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  • don't ask overly personal questions, don't expect romance the first date,

    do ask questions, try to get to know her, be a good listener, people love it when they feel like someone genuinely cares and has their undivided attention.

  • Avoid talking about ex, sex, religion and politics.

    Don't pretend you've got a connection when you don't. ("Oh my God! I love pizza too!")

    Have a specific thing to do, and an end-time. Let her know what she's doing too, so she can dress appropriately. Fancy restaurant? Music? Dancing? Paintball? Whatever it is you're doing...

    Shower before hand. Be clean. Be well dressed.

    Be confident. Don't mumble. Make eye contact. Smile. Make her feel relaxed. Make her feel safe.

    Be prepared to pay for both of you, especially if you asked her out.

    Remember that a first date is about getting to know someone, not about getting a girlfriend or getting someone into bed.

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