What does DATING involve exactly? I'm European...

I'm a European girl and I'm a bit confused when it comes to dating and relationships. Usually girls get to know the guy first (they go on dates, maybe kiss)... is this dating? or is it flirting? And then they either decide to become a couple (and eventually have sex) or it dies out / they stay friends. I don't really understand the different "stages" of dating. Can someone please explain? Everyone seems to have a different view! Thanks you guys and girls!


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  • 1st stage:

    The most integral part of the mating process. Usually involves a male and a female, often with the male taking initiative, beginning a ritualistic mating dance. The male will often throw whatever small items are around him (leaves have often proved to be the most effective) up in the air, to which he then puffs his chest out, signaling that he is the most powerful male in the immediate vicinity.

    2nd stage:

    Once the female's interest is piqued, he will then cement his Alpha male status by performing a series of low and high key "whooping noises." A sound by the likes of "skree-skree-SKREE" usually indicates long term intention of companionship. A lower pitched "koo-zee-zeeeee..." usually indicates only a passing interest in sexual activity and nothing long term.

    3rd stage:

    The final stage, and crucial to the dating process. The female is now fully in heat, and will perform a collective series of dances in order to test the virility and synchronization ability of the male. If the male cannot perfectly keep in step with the female, the female will not take an interest in the male in a sexual connotation, and the male will then be resolved to forever only listening to the female as a friend, with the hope of sexual fornication forever being out of his reach.

    Once all three of these stages are complete, the dating process has been fulfilled and the male and the female can finally hope to enjoy ever lasting love.


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