How often did you go out with the person when you started dating?

I went out with this guy for three times so far, and it's been around once a week. I tried to arrange for a day that was earlier than a week and he had the day off work but chose to stay at home all day to watch movies cause he was tired. He tells me he won't be able to see me for two weeks cause he's busy with work and then I find out he's not working tomorrow. I asked him why we aren't going out tomorrow and he said he's tired, and that we've gone out three weekends in a row and he wants this weekend to himself. And arranged to go out the following Thursday which would be longer than a week.

Is this fair or am I just too excited to see him?


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  • It's not fair. It's beginning to dawn that he lose interest in you, and would just rather focus time on himself.


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