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Okay well, iv known this guy for about 3 months now we have been talking on Facebook texting etc.. And he said that he started to like me.. He also wanted to see a me a few times but I rejected him cause I didn't know him much then. Just recently he asked me out I basically said to him that I'm not able to go out with you because of my family having problems about approval, he understands this cause his family is the same and he said he would text he back but he never did, his been acting so cold.. I feel so upset, I haven't spoken to him probably for a week and a half now which is a record! His already talking to other females similar to how he spoke to me and has completely stepped out basically. I miss him so much he treated me like a queen, I cared for him so much.. How can someone just stop talking to someone they like? Doesn't it take a while before you move on? Or has he been lying about liking me? basic point here is that we're not not talking and I badly want to start a conversation just to calm things out and I wouldn't mind if he didn't like me anymore cause I defiantly deserve it :'(

I just don't want this awkward blank.. Please help.. :(


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  • It's not that he lose interest or he's been lying.

    It's just that the fact that your family can't accept him is keeping him from pursuing you more, so he took a step back and moved on.


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