Texted a guy and got no response. Busy and just forgot or not interested?

You may be frustrated lately about obstacles popping up in your love life. It seems like more than once recently, barriers or blocks in the road have prevented you from getting close to what or who you want. Maybe you feel as if someone doesn’t understand your intentions or it is possible you feel as if you and this person have such a different point of view that you two wouldn’t be able to meet in the middle. This negativity is what is holding you back. Neither point is truly relevant if you really think about it. Try to look outside your own perception and cast any prejudices aside. There is another way to approach this and come out on top, all you have to do is get out of your own way.


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  • Give that guy a chance. It seems that he's just busy.

    If after 1000 texts and he still doesn't respond, simply forget about him.


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