My girlfriend won't mention me to her friends

My girlfriend is from Africa and doesn't really have many African friends at the college we attend(we are freshman) but a friend from Africa who is a senior at another college invites her out a few times a month and she doesn't ask if I can go or ask if I would like to go. I told her I had an issue with this and she said that because I wasn't African I would take away from the environment because there is a group of guys and girls that always go out who are all from Africa. She also said that there were a lot of things that she wouldn't be able to explain to me so she would rather me not go. I personally don't view the situation the same but I let her know that if I were in her shoes I would treat her differently but that I was OK with her doing this. One day I asked her if she ever mentioned me to them and she said no. She told me that there was never a need for her to say anything about me in anything she says or tells which perplexes me seeing as to how we have been living together for a couple of months now. So tonight she went out with them and she was texting me the whole time ( I did not ask her to do this) and when she came back she told me all about her night. after a while we decided to go to sleep because it was late and I thought about everything she told me and one thing was stuck in my mind. She said that this guy had asked her who she was texting so much and that she should stop. When she told me that part during the story she said and I answered and then the guy took my phone. She then continued telling me the story. So ,while we where trying to fall asleep, I decided to as her what exactly she told the guy when he asked. She responded with "I told him I was texting *amanda because I was texting her". Now this was quite disappointing for me because I knew she was texting me way more than her friend. so we tried falling asleep and a couple of hours later her phone started doing an emergency alert and I went to shut it off. Now normally when we have messages we tell each other so I saw she had a message but it was from someone irrelevant to the story but I got curious to see just how much she had been texting *amanda. To my dismay she had texted her once at the beginning of the night. I don't know what to make out of the whole situation but I would really like some serious thoughts and opinions on this please.

Thank you


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  • Personally, I think if she was head over heels in love she'd want to brag about you.


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