Is it normal to not communicate with your boyfriend every day?

I am 17 years old and he is 18 years old.

When I had my cellphone in service, he would text me every day, all day. But now that I can't text, we message on fb.

Ive told him that I prefer talking on the phone with him. (thats the main reason I won't pay my phone ) but he still messages me and very rarely calls. I have to be the one calling him mostly. :/

And also, he's not messaging me every day now like he used to, is that normal? Does it mean he justs wants his space? Should I not worry?

  • Yes it is normal, each partner needs their space once in a while (:
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  • No it is not normal. He should be talking to you every day!!!
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(And by callin me, I mean calling my house phone)


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  • well, to be honest it just depends on the relationship and how serious you guys are. idk! for me it would not be normal cause, I'm in a serious relationship and we talk everyday. you know! it just depends. I think you should worry alittle bit cause, you said in the begining he would text you everyday and now that he can call you on his house phone. why isn't he?

    • i totally agree... so its not fair that I'm the one calling him all the time. He should be making an effort to call me first right? :(

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  • Think yourself lucky, I'm 18 and my girlfriend is 17, but my girlfriend is studying all the time so I only talk to her like once a month (and when I say talk I mean communicate in any way)

    • Awww really? :(Does she at least make an effort to make yalls relationship work? How long have you two been together

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    • :( Aw well at least you're trying. I wouldn't be able to do that.

      And I've been with him since December. I don't see him that much either. He works almost daily until midnight and we don't go to the same shool. We see each other like 3 days a month. so that's why I think we should talk more

    • Well you do well trying to keep in touch.. Once you stop talking much it'll just become the normal and you'll just get where you don't talk much ever.. But you shouldn't worry if he doesn't talk to you every day especially if he's busy working alot

      My girlfriends has her exams in may, after that I should get to see her plenty for a month, then I leave for the summer and when I come back she'll move to another city and then I don't know if we'll have a long distance relationship or break up :/

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  • yes. eventually uo will get bored of each other if you communicate too much

  • Its normal not to talk every day. Next time you talk to him ask him what's on his mind, visit him more often or Skype him (Skype is a messenger in which you can video chat, free to download on computer) Good luck!

  • I don't think constant contact is necessary in any relationship. It's normal to have slightly separate lives.

    • Even though they don't see each other that much? I barely see my boyfriend . I only see him like 3 days a month. Is it still not necessary to have constant contact?

    • Constant contact is never necessary. A lot of contact, yes. But not constant.

  • not really you should be talking daily.