How do you know if you're more than friends when he has a girlfriend?

Me and this guy I work with have a spark. We go on "dates" together (like to the cinema, for coffee, drinks etc) but obviously they're not actual dates, I mean he has a girlfriend...

He jokes that they are dates, and he's very playful and flirtatious. He's told me before that he would never cheat on a girl, as he doesn't see the point.

So what I'm wondering is, is there any way to tell whether he likes me as a friend or more? So yeah, he has a girlfriend, he can't make any moves on me, but you can't help being attracted to someone... is there any tell tale signs?


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  • He wants to be more than friends with you. Guys don't go out alone with girls just to hang out if they are not attracted to you. Especially if they act flirtatious and playful with you. He is attracted to you. Be careful. He may say he'll never cheat and try to make you think nothing would ever happen because he has a girlfriend but ask yourself if you were his girlfriend would you be cool with your man acting like him? More than likely he's setting the stage for an emotional seduction. He probably doesn't wanna come off sleazy because he knows you know he has a girlfriend, so he's setting the stage slowly


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  • It seems that he really likes you as a friend, and nothing more than that.

    It's clear that he's committed to his girlfriend.

    • Thanks for the honest and not spiteful answer!

  • Why don't you find a single guy to go out with? Don't be that girl

    • I don't plan on being "that girl". Just because he has a girlfriend, doesn't mean he's happy!

    • I'm just saying there are probably tons of single guys that would love to date you. Give them a chance. Don't wait around for some dude who's attached.

  • You need to ask him straight up if things are going to become serious between you two. Or does he only think of you as a friend.

    Does his girlfriend know about your "dates" with him?


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  • If he has a girlfriend, then you are not more than friends. Go find your own guy.

    • Where's the logic behind that?

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    • Behind your answer? You're saying that you can't be attracted to anyone at all if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, which isn't true..

    • I'm saying you shouldn't think about or pursue it at all or you're a home-wrecking ******.

  • you aren't. he's in a relationship.

    • Just because he's in a relationship, doesn't mean he can't have feelings for someone else... have you only been in one relationship your whole life?

    • sure you can have feelings but you can't just jump in and expect him to get involved with you. you don't want to be the other woman and if he would betray her he would almost surely betray you.

    • Of course not, it's just really weird not knowing if he is interested or not, I know I can't do anything about it and I really wouldn't! If we're just friends I would at least like to know without making things awkward... I don't know if some guys act this way with just friends...