How would I know if I could trust him?

Starting September, I liked this guy, he liked me back but then I ignored him for 4 months because he did something really wrong he said sorry but I ignored him COMPLETELY. Now, we started talking again and he said that he still likes me. how should I know if he's telling the truth? he dedicated the song 1234 by plain white t's to me well, the I LOVE YOU part was figurative but the rest of the lyrics, he means it. we texted everyday for one whole week but yesterday, he said ttyl cause he was busy but then replied to my text after 5 hours after texting him about us winning the basketball game (miami heat) today, I texted him and NO REPLY. FOR THE WHOLE DAY. what's going on? please help! :(


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  • Give him time. He's really busy. It's just a day. There's nothing wrong with that.

    Some couples would even go for a week without talking and there relationship is still standing strong.


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  • Miami heats my team too. It takes time, trust is essential but if he didn't text you the whole day you shouldn't worry, there's many answers to this so you have to test him.. see how trustworthy he is and give him more than one test, if he passes then there should be no problem.


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