To break the friend zone for a 2.5 year crush..

I could give like 700 words on this but I will shorten this. I asked out this one girl in October this year, we had an awkward date because after we talked about our favorite bands/music (#1 thing in common) the first time we hung out a couple days before the date, then classes/college, we had nothing else to talk about the entire date after we went to the mall and seen a movie.

I didn't say it was a date when we went to the mall and movie, but I paid for her meal at the food court and both our tickets at the movie but she drove her car there. I texted her the next day and I asked if she thought it was awkward, and she said she doesn't know how to handle herself in certain social situations (she never had a relationship before) but she seen it heading in the direction of friendship.

I pretty much thought it was over, but I didn't want it to be since I liked her since like August 2010 but just started talking to her this October, pretty much deem her "my college crush", and I feel like there could be something there. My roommate says I shouldn't just give up, especially when it's against what I really want, I may just be friend zoned and I just got to try harder... I always pass her on campus and seemed still nice to me, kinda flustered a little bit when I say hi, or maybe that's just what it seems to me. I made two excuses/stories in my head to why we aren't dating yet and they've kept me grounded so far, she's busy with school, work and internship or, after reading her parents' Facebook, I can see her dad is very conservative, so maybe she does like me but can't date me because I"m black and she's white and her parents wouldn't have that?

So I tried to work up the nerve to ask her again, so about 28 hours ago, I texted her "Hey there, how is/was work?" and never got a text back. I figured I should wait longer, I couldn't sleep til 6 AM last night and checked my phone throughout the night. I don't want to send a second text because then I feel like she will think I'm desperate. I'm thinking maybe I should just like wait another 2 days then text again, just saying like "How are you?" or something else anyone generally says.. I don't know...

I guess question is: Do I even have a chance? Should I continue and pursue to the end until I have a reason why I am only a friend?


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  • You do have a chance. Text her again.

    If you can see her again, simply spend time with her. You have a lot of chance if you just keep on pursuing her.