"Let's be friends" after one date?

This may be a long one...

This girl, Katie, and I are going to a professional school with a class of 100 students. I first noticed her when she would smile at me and wave at me. I tried talking to her but she is somewhat shy and I texted her and I didn't think too much of it. However, bunch of my classmates went out one night to a club and Katie and I started dancing with each other. We ended up getting some air and talking. By the end of the night, we started holding hands and I asked her out and she agreed.

Everything seems to be going well so far. The following week, she asked me to sit with her and study with her. She brought up the fact that she isn't looking for anything. She also said that she wasn't planning on dating anyone at school and that she was making an exception for me. I said that we should just have fun and we'll see where things go.

When I walked her to her car that night, I held her hand. There were some of my classmates at the parking lot and I told her that maybe we shouldn't be holding hands because I don't want drama. She replied saying, "Let them talk." I thought this girl is actually quite into me. However, whenever I text her, it doesn't seem like she is all that into it. Also, she has never took the initiative to grab my hand.

Fast forward to the date later that week. I took her out to a decent restaurant for lunch after class and went to mini-golf afterward. Things went okay. Wasn't the best date I have had but I thought she had fun. When I asked her to study on Sunday, she said she is going to stay home and study instead. I went up to her the following Monday to ask her to have lunch with me and she said she wanted to stay in class to study. We talked after class and she told me that we should just be friends instead. She said that the date went well, but it is just that she doesn't want a relationship and she is focusing in school?

I just don't know if I should believe that. Is that just an excuse saying that I am just not convincing enough? She seemed interested at first and I just don't think the date was that bad that it would make her want to stop dating me. What should I do at this point? Move on and forget about it all? Or is she really not ready for a relationship? Maybe I can be her friend and get to know her better and try to keep flirting with her? Any input will help! Thanks


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  • She really is interested in you. Though, it seems like you're moving too fast.

    Take it slow.

    Simply spend more time with her. Let her focus in her studies. She really loves having you around.

    Though if you're the type of guy who just want to have a relationship right her, right now, then you better move on and forget about it all.

    • What do you suggest I do? I am still really interested in her. Should I try to let it go? Give it some time? Keep trying to talk to her?

    • Give it some time. Keep talking to her.

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