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I met this girl very recently (about 3 weeks now) who lives in America, but she is from Japan. She came here to study, but is supposed to go back to Japan pretty soon. Newayz, we've been hanging out and always had great times whenever we do. She always says she enjoys our times together and regularly calls/texts me. The way we met is that we were introduced on a blind date. So its not like we've just been friends or nothing. However, she also always mentions she is due back in her country.

She is always open to meeting with me 1-on-1, but doesn't want to do anything for valentine's since we are not a couple. I can't figure out if she likes me or not? Or is just looking for a guy friend while she is here?

Update: I wrote e-mail expressing my interest. She didn't respond that day. Next day, she texts saying she needs to think about it. The next, next day, she calls me just to say "hi" and says thanks for e-mail. She wants to talk about later tho? Advice?


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  • Seems like she just wants a companion friend while she is here. I believe she keeps telling you she is due back in her country so that you don't get the wrong impression. However, because she is Japanese, as I mentioned in another post, Japanese culture is so hard to decipher. Also, as you should know, Japanese are trained not to say no. They will say anything, but no, so when you talk to her, don't ask questions that are geared towards a yes no answer.

    In this case, maybe I would ask, 'had you been staying in the USA permanently, what would have been different about our hanging out together and enjoying each other's company? ' What you don't want to ask is, 'had you stayed in the USA permanently, would you have dated me? '

    My close friend married a Japanese girl, and it took him about 2 years to finally understand why the girl behaves she does. Tough culture to crack!

    Actually, interesting fact. As a kid I used to watch a lot of anime, and in those cartoons you will see a father taking a shower with the little girls. I asked my friend why was that and she said in Japanese culture, specially in the smaller cities, until fairly recent, it was normal for dads to take showers with their daughters, until teenage years or so. I wonder what your friend would comment on the subject! Good luck!


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  • Sounds like she likes you but the way she keeps saying she has to go back, Means she is not thinking of a relationship. But you gotta look at the signs more carefully, Or you could talk to her if you like her too and you wanna start a relationship.



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