Is she playing hard to get?

This girl adores me, we at the very least have a fascinating friendship between us with a spice of chemistry.

However this happened so sudden, she no longer makes an attempt to hang out with me.

I would even text her first and asked her twice about it and she

would give me a blunt response to why she can't hang out.

We would occasionly still text each other but not as much as she use to.

Someone else in the picture or am I going to have to step up my game?


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  • There are three options

    1. You have hurt her - So sometimes when guy says something stupid to a girl they aren't aware that they have hurt her feelings.. Girls and guys see something same different, so try to remember what have you done in past few weeks that could hurt her

    2. She found someone else- Well this happens rare.. Maybe she liked someone more than you and he called her out, but you can find out easy.. Just ask her friends

    3. You should take her out- If she was showing sings that she really likes you and you were just ignoring them that means that she got bored and it's time that you take her out


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  • IS there a game? Stop wasting time and just tell her you are looking for a relationship with her.

    She'll be honest about what she wants. She will tell you if you are just friends, or if she wants to be your girlfriend.

    Maybe she was interested in you and thought you just wanted to be friends. Maybe she just wants to be friends and started to distance herself.

    She's the only one with the answer. ITs best to stop playing around and ask her, before someone else DOES come around.


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